Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neither Popular Nor Unpopular - A Detour

In my preamble, I said this blog would be dedicated to popular and unpopular music.  That was my personal code for not classical.  The usual code for not classical is popular, but a lot of the music I love is simply too unpopular for me to feel comfortable with the that term.

This may be my one and only foray into Classical music. It is a link to very well developed exercise in listmaking with the typically good writing one expects of the NY Times.  Here's the top 10 classical composers.  It is my belief that clicking on this link won't count against your quota for the Times's new pay wall, but I'd be pleased if anyone were able to verify that.

If you can't get through the pay wall, I'll take you to the punch line.  Bach is #1.  Beethoven is #2.  Mozart is #3.  After that, it gets a little fishy in my unsophisticated I-don't-know-much-about-classical-music view.  Schubert is #4.  It got me to thinking more broadly about how often a 1-2-3 is pretty clear cut with a big drop thereafter.  I'll return to that topic sometime soon.  This detour was just a set up for future quibbling about popular music (and unpopular music).

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  1. Personally, I would've started with Liszt.