Sunday, June 19, 2011

NPR's best of the year so far

For a limited time only, you can vote for NPR's All Songs Considered best of the year so far.  Unfortunately, even though it's All Songs Considered, you have to vote for an album.  Also, you have to choose from what they've listed.  Among the artists that were listed, I voted for Akron/Family, Dodos, Peter Bjorn & John, Smith Westerns, and Yellow Ostrich.  I complained (in the comments section) that Sloan, Title Tracks, Generationals, Fujiya & Miyagi, and Fresh & Onlys were missing.

I was a little surprised that Fujiya & Miyagi were missing.  Their record Ventriloquizzing is solid all the way through and I would have thought it would have strong appeal to the NPR audience with song topics including unsavory marketing practices.  It's also got just the right amount of edge (i.e. not too noisy or dissonant) for the NPR crowd.  I thought Title Tracks might get some buzz too since they've got a good DC following.  Is NPR trying to get their ears too far outside the beltway?  The Generationals also feel like a band that's perfect for the current critics-darling zeitgeist, but I can't recall if I've actually read a review of Actor-Caster.

The list includes Dengue Fever.  Dengue Fever has a new album?!?!  How have I missed this?  Can't Amazon or eMusic or Facebook or Youtube or somebody get it together to recommend that I check that out amidst all the other garbage that I have recommended every day?

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