Sunday, September 23, 2012

Five Most Interesting Lists at DigitalDreamdoor

If you're looking for lists and impressed by sheer quantity, you can't do much better than DigitalDreamDoor.  I'm pretty impressed by the quality of their lists as well, but as somebody who obsesses about both the final list and the process (e.g. see list-making interview one to four), I wish I knew a bit more about how they compiled their lists.  Here's a list of the five that I found most interesting.

#1.  Greatest Epic Rock Songs  - This is a great idea for a list, and I'm sure this isn't the only one out there.  I'm kind of amazed that Bohemian Rhapsody has aged so well in so many people's eyes that it can top this list as opposed to the novelty song list, which is where I probably would have guessed it would have landed 30 years ago.  I can't quite figure out Deep Purple coming in at #3, but that was the only major oddity in the top 10.

#2.  Greatest Power Pop Songs - This is an interesting list, largely because the genre isn't really that well defined and means different things to different people.  I can't see putting the Beatles in there at #4 because I can't see putting them on the list at all, but I guess since they were such an obvious influence on so many great power pop bands, it's not crazy to include them.... or is it?

#3. Greatest New Wave Songs - I've commented on new wave song lists previously.  This is a really good list.  The first major quibble I have didn't come until Level 42 showed up at #24.

#4. Greatest Indie Rock Albums - There's a good bit of overlap between their list and mine.  Mine, of course, has more obscure choices, and theirs has some artists like the Smiths, that I think ought to belong on some other list instead.

#5. Greatest Alt-Country Songs - Here's the list with which I have the most disagreements, but I'll confess that I don't know well many of the songs that they ranked ahead of the alt-country songs I like most.  The other issue, though, is that I don't think they made great choices for the best song or songs from the artists that I do know well.  Maybe I need to get down to business making my own alt-country list.

I was thinking of making another list of the most important lists I thought were missing from DigitalDreamDoor, but I couldn't think of much of anything.  I'd like to see a gospel list and they don't have one.  I'd like to see a hardcore list (distinct from the punk list).  It's really a pretty impressive site for list connoisseurs.

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